We can’t wait to bring our 18 foot tree man to Derby Festé

Smoking Apples is an award-winning puppetry and theatre company and they are very excited to be comissioned for this years Derby Festé. Here they talk to us about what we can expect from this years event;

“It’ll be our first year performing at Derby Festé and we’re delighted to see that we’re in some very fine company! One of the best things about playing at a festival like this is the chance to meet other artists and of course, a chance to play to new audiences. In many ways, the premise of Arbor; to showcase a dazzling artistic spectacle, bring people together and share ideas and knowledge coincides with Derby Festé beautifully and we can’t wait to bring our 18 foot tree man to the festival.

“The line-up looks pretty cracking across both days but there are some events on Saturday not to be missed. First up on our list is The Lift by Wet Picnic. We’ve seen a lot of Wet Picnic’s work over the years and love their off the wall humour. The Lift is a hilarious show with some brilliantly bonkers ideas in it and the best part is that the show is different depending on which floor the lift stops on, so you can watch it again and again. We’re also really excited that Maison Foo are presenting a scratch performance of their new show, Parkour Parents. Again, we’ve been big fans of their work for many years and it’s great to see them testing new material. Testing work in development is important for us as a company so that we’re able to see what’s working and not, in front of an audience. So, head on down and see Maison Foo and let them know your thoughts. We’ll be stomping around with Arbor at the same time as both of their performances so we won’t be able to catch this but on the plus side, we’re doing two performances and so are they, so you can alternate and catch us both!

“The New Art Club’s Campervan of Love also looks fantastic and wonderfully silly! They’ve adapted a VW campervan, exploring notions of love through song, dance, set pieces and of course, the campervan. Aside from that, we have no idea what to expect but that’s the best part of street theatre, you never know what you’re going to get! Last but by no means least, Candoco always produce stunning work and we’re sure that You and I Know will not disappoint. With the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of dance and re-imagining people’s perceptions of ability, this will be a performance not to miss.

“Whether you’re someone who makes plans to see things or just turns up and sees what they fancy, trust us, they’ll be something at Derby Festé for everyone. More often than not, the best things are a total surprise! We’ll be making our way around as much as we can, we just need to find someone to babysit Arbour first, all takers welcome…”