Two-tonnes of steel rigging and a head for heights

We caught up with Ezra Triggs, Director of Gorilla Circus and chatted to him about what they are looking forward to the most at this years event.

“I’m looking forward to help bring high flying circus back to the UK!

“Circus has its roots firmly in the UK, but homegrown circuses touring the UK are now a rare sight. I set up Gorilla Circus nine years ago to change this. My team and I are so pleased that our brand new show Altitude will be headlining Derby Festé’s World of Circus on Friday 29th September.

“Altitude is an aerial circus spectacular that explores our relationship with height, fear, freedom, and adrenaline, featuring flying trapeze, high wire, and other high altitude acts on a unique kinetic structure that is as much a character and a part of the show as the performers are.

“It has taken years of trial and error to find the performers with the right skills, artistry, and especially the right brand of crazy to put this show together. We are always curious about new talent, and look forward to meeting local artists and performers gathered at Derby Feste.

“It is one thing to put a show together, but it has been a separate challenge altogether to find a venue that can accommodate such a large scale and complex production. Special thanks to Derby Festé for being one of the precious few large scale and established outdoor festivals in the UK ambitious enough to welcome me and my two tonnes of steel rigging and lighting!

“It’s going to be a grand weekend.”