This will be our second time in this beautiful Festival

We were lucky enough to catch up with Jean Baptiste-Duperray, the Artistic Director for Compagnie des Quidams, during their 2018 world tour. They can’t wait to come back to Derby this year; “We came to Derby Festé in 2009 with another show called “Herbert’s Dream” so it will be our second time in this beautiful Festival.

“We keep a great memory from our first time in Derby. It is then a pleasure to know that we will come back with our other show “FierS à Cheval”.

“We love to perform at festivals because we can meet other artists and companies and it is a chance to meet new audiences. Festivals are a good way to gather people from all background.

“Our show “FierS à Cheval is a show with giant luminous puppets. Our shows are always visual and musical but without words. It makes our shows can be seen by every audiences from all countries. We love to perform in foreign countries because the reception of the show is always different. The UK audience is always very warm and enthusiastic so we are very happy to perform in Derby.

“It is always a pleasure to see families coming to festivals and have a very good time with each other. Our show is an invitation to dream and seeing people with eyes wide open and a big smile during the show is always a pleasure.

“There is a very good program at Derby Festé year after year. In 2018, we are happy to see that Cie Dyptik will also be at Derby Festé because we were together on another festival and we saw “D-Construction”. It is a really impressive show, with such energy, and it is amazing how the bodies move together. They are really good dancers!”