The trampoline can be a monster!

Max Calaf Sevé is a contemporary circus artist based in London and he took some time out of his current tour to let us know why he is looking froward to coming to Derby.

“This year is a very exciting year for us with a summer packed with festivals and presenting different shows across the UK, Ireland, France and Spain.

“Personally I’m really looking forward to coming to Derby Festé, I have longed to perform here for many years and now, the time has finally arrived! It is such a great honor to take part in this event, full of exiting and diverse shows from local and international artists.

“I’m looking forward to seeing and meeting the people of Derby and connect with them. My show ‘Anyday’, in which I perform on my own, is a combination of different and unusual uses of trampolines, at the same time it tells the story of this character and his companion.  There is an explosion upwards, a moment of suspension in the air where you are weightless, ecstatic free. But the higher the jump the greater the fall. The trampoline can be a monster.

“I hope to bring a little joy, a little laughter and some moments of wonder to Derby in September, see you there!”