Cie Artonik – Colour of Time

Procession starts at Waterfall ending at Cathedral Green


In a rainbow eruption of powder and dance, “The Colour of Time” brings a stunning reinvention of the traditional Holi festival celebrated in India. Each year, people throw gulal powder in the air showing great joy and mirth, celebrating unity, acceptance of diversity through these colourful embraces, as these Free Hugs offered to strangers. While its origins draw from Indian culture, this reinterpretation is resolutely contemporary and very far from Bollywood. In a massive dance-theatre parade, dancers and musicians move in a choreographed parade towards a huge finale. Joining in, the audience are invited into a riotous explosion of colour and joy, painting the sky with Gulal (coloured corn flour).

Note: Gulal Powder is a natural product and is a blend of organic and natural extracts of fruit, leaves and barks. Those with breathing difficulties, such as Asthma, and children under three years should stand at a safe distance and avoid using the powders.

If you want to get involved with the Colour of Time, please think about who is taking part and what you will wear on the day. Although the Gulal powder is safe (it is 100% biodegradable and kind to the environment, people and water) it can stain clothing and footwear.