Mesmerizing Cocktail of World-Class Street Performances

Andrew Lowe of Marketing Derby is a regular visitor to Derby Festé with his family and he tells us what he looks forward to the most this year.

“Derby Festé is now firmly established as one of the highlights in Derby’s calendar and draws people of all ages and cultures from across the city, county and beyond to experience some of the very best street entertainment in the world.

“The atmosphere in the city is electric and alive, the acts are unique, fascinating and unusual – and it’s all orchestrated in a totally interactive way, drawing you in, making you feel part of the whole experience.

“Derby Festé is incredibly important to the city and is gaining more and more credibility each year with more people coming here and staying overnight for the incredible programme of live music, dance and street theatre.

“I’ve been lucky enough to attend every Derby Festé and see all of the headline acts and, whilst many people remember the gigantic dragons from Spain that paraded through the city streets on two occasions, my most memorable act was the performance on Bass’ Rec by Commandos Percu.   Their stunning combination of perfectly choreographed energetic drumming show with flying sparks and fireworks perfectly captured what Derby Festé means to me – unusual and surprising world-class acts which amaze and wow the audiences.

“The variety of acts that Derby Festé brings to the city each year is truly astounding.  Whilst it’s very easy to plan your Festé experience around the performance times, very often it’s when you wander around the city and stumble across an act, or find that you’re drawn in to be part of it, that you get the full “Festé experience.”

“The world circus theme for Derby Festé 2017 opens up a broad range of acts and it’s difficult to pick out one from the programme, but the images of the “Altitude Show” by Gorilla Circus as the headline act on Bass’ Recreation Ground on Friday evening look certain to enthrall and provide many breath-taking moments.

“As a family we’ve had so many wonderful memories from Derby Festé and this year looks set to bring many more.”