Lively mix of Soca and Bollywood music that originates from Trinidad

Chutney in the Street! Is a specially-formed troupe of professional musicians, singers and dancers performing an original piece with new songs inspired by the popular musical style of the Indo-Carribbean communities of Trinidad, Guyana and Suriname.

We caught up with Kuljit Bhamra to find out what they will be bringing to Derby.

“We are really looking forward to performing with my Chutney troupe at Derby Festé this year! Most people are unaware of Chutney music. It’s a lively mix of Soca mixed with Bollywood music and originates from Trinidad.

“Our troupe consists of professional actors and musicians. We will involve the audience in an enchanting story and ask people to dance along with parts of it. Lots of fun for families – children and adults too! The community of Derby prides itself with it’s unique cultural mix. I’m very excited about bringing the sounds of tabla, guitar and Indian singing to Market Square!”