Greentops teaching all the circus tricks you need to know at Derby Feste this year!

By Tim Byrom- Programme Manager

“Greentop will be attending Derby Feste to run drop in circus workshops on Friday evening and Saturday. We have been running these workshops for festivals, schools, corporate teambuilding and many other events for over 20 years, and we always get lots of people having a go.

“In part there are so many things to try that there’s bound to be something for everyone – from spinning a plate to riding a unicycle, from juggling to poi. Some skills are easy, others are much harder, some look really impressive, others allow you to express yourself by combining them with dance and movement.

“We can work with beginners and those who have already learnt some tricks, and we can show you new tricks and combinations of tricks that you can already do. So come along and meet us, say hi and have a go at some circus with us.”