Festé packs a punch for Future Proof Films

Future Proof Films make brilliant videos for an enormous range of organisations from High Street to Hollywood, we had a quick chat with them to find out why Festé ‘does it’ for them.

“Derby is world-renowned for its industrial history; from textile manufacturing during the Industrial Revolution to being a world leader in aerospace engineering. But Derby isn’t always recognised as being a cultural hub within the UK (despite having grown some incredible film, TV, music and art talent!). However Derby Festé changes all of that and for one weekend a year, Derby becomes the culture capital of the country. Being a creative company based in the city centre, we get to experience lots of events throughout the year; from gigs to beer festivals, food markets to family events. But none are, in our opinion, as special as Derby Festé, which brings music, arts and food together for one special weekend every September.

“The fact that Festé is so big and packs such an absolute punch is one of the main reasons we love it. With non-stop events all weekend with literally something for everyone, it’s hard to not have something to watch, enjoy or take part in. And this year it’s bigger than ever with the inclusion of the food market. Pop-up food markets are huge right now and with Bustler doing so well each month, we’re not surprised there’s the opening of the Festé Food Market this year. It’s going to incredible, with food from Future Proof favourites, Deckard’s and Speedough Pizza, amongst so many other brilliant stalls. You’ll definitely catch us all enjoying some pizzas, bao burgers and churros that weekend! The Colour of Time performance is something else we can’t wait for.

“We loved editing the videos for Festé because of all the great content we got to use; namely the Colour of Time performance. It’s going to be a visual treat for sure. (Our top tip for anyone wanting to photograph or film this event is to wrap your camera in a sandwich bag, cut a hole for the lens and then secure it with an elastic band!). As well as looking forward to Festé, it’s always great looking back on the previous years’ events. From huge aerial dances, rock shows and live theatre performances, there are so many favourite moments that we all have.

“The live music is always really good at Festé so just wandering around following the music is a good way to spend a few hours. Another Derby Festé favourite of ours from past years has to be the dragons. As 2/3rds of the office regularly quote Lord of the Rings and would love to be best mates with Daenerys Targaryen so we can befriend her scaly pals, the dragons were destined to go down great. Seeing huge fire-breathing beasts storm through the city at night was truly special and something we’d love to see again in the future. Another reason we enjoyed editing the videos for Derby Festé are all of the smiles, laughs, oohs and aahs that we had to look through from previous years. Seeing the joy that Festé brings to the city is absolutely brilliant and we can’t wait to be a part of that joy this year!”

See you all on the 29th and 30th September! Drew, Sam & Robert

Check out the Future Proof Films website for fabulous filming inspiration https://futureproof.film/