Derby Festé celebrates wonderful opportunities for the creative sector

Jasmine Bertie, operations manager at Baby People in Derby took a little time out to come and chat to us about what she loves about Derby Festé.

“Derby Festé always brings exciting events and creates wonderful, amazing opportunities for the creative sector. As an arts and education organisation, we think it is great that such a high standard of art gets celebrated in the city of Derby.

“We were privileged to have been able to bring creative groups together at Derby Festé in the past that would not have normally been collaborating. For instance we presented a Malaysian Gamelan and Urban Choir mashup performance which brought a new and fresh kind of music to the city, open for audiences of any age or interests and in the past have brought all aspects of hip hop performance to the Derby Market Place!

“We hope to see more and more art forms and cultures celebrated in future Festé celebrations and we looking forward to being part of that.”