Derby Days Out get their Festé Faces ready!

Natalie Bamford is the Managing Director of Derby Days Out and she cant wait for her and her family to get their Festé faces bak.

“Derby Festé has been running the same amount of years that my daughter has been alive and I always think how lucky she is to have had this incredible event coming to our city every year since she was born! We visit Festé every year without fail and every year without fail we are blown away by what we see.

“Derby Festé is like nothing else. No two years are the same so you could never say; “No I’m not going this year, we went last year!” because you’d be missing out on some of the most spectacular, weird and wonderful, world class sights, acts, performances and shows right on your doorstep.

“The excitement, buzz and magic it brings to the city is just incredible. The wonderful thing about Festé is that it’s a great event for all ages. We visit with children, teenagers and the grandparents and every one of us has a great experience. It’s not often you find something that can suit generations of family but Festé just has that way of being spectacular whatever your age!

“Not just that but the sense of community feels stronger when Festé is in town. It’s diversity brings everyone together and the overwhelming sense of pride you feel about the City of Derby when something this amazing is happening is just magical. It’s one of the things I truly love about Festé – how it brings families and communities together.

“I’m bursting with pride that my website has the exclusive family saver discount code this year. Being involved with Festé is an absolute honour and a privilege.

“One of my favourite memories was at last year’s Festé and watching the Friday night headline act on Bass’ rec. It was absolutely mesmerising and after a while I realised I had been watching the entire thing with my eyes and mouth wide open! Feeling a bit silly and self-conscious, I looked around at my husband and daughter who had the exact same expression. I proceeded to look around further at the other spectators and saw that actually – we all had the same expression! Eyes open with wonder, mouths open in astonishment and that’s when I realised we all had FESTÉ FACES!!

“I can’t wait for our Festé faces to reappear this year!”