Campervan of Love will be hitting the road and driving straight towards Derby Festé

We had a chat with Gwen Van Spijk who is the Dance Producer and Consultant of Campervan of Love

“The Campervan of Love has been out and about over the summer hitting some very special festivals.   But none more special than Derby Festé.  We have met thousands of lovely people attracted by the pinkness and the Campiness of the van.  Lots of people have wanted to tell us stories about their campervan holidays and to compare ownership knowledge.  Questions have been asked about mechanical information that none of us have any idea about but we have been happy to be educated.   Many have wanted to look inside to see where the magic happens and even more have wanted to have their photos taken with the Van – FYI Tom and Pete and even Chris are also happy to pose for photos.   No-one has yet been keen to take home any left-over broccoli or banana after the show – strange.  Perhaps Derby will be the one. I’ve heard that you are big broccoli fans there.

“Derby will be the final stop for our crazy little show this year as the weather is beginning to get a bit cold and our campervan is going to go get into its winter woollies and hibernate in its Vancave until the spring – occasionally waking to tuck into the odd giant pink toasted marshmallow that Tom and Pete keep going on the New Art Club permanent campfire.

“This will be our first time at Derby Feste but obviously not our first time in Derby.   We have been to De Da many times even before it changed its name.  Even before it had its own building.   And it’s always been great.

The last time we came to Derby it was with Hercules at Derby Theatre.   It was one of the highlights of the tour with a very raucous and enthusiastic crowd providing us with an impressive array of monsters in the monster dancing section.   There was also quite a lot of fun to be had at the expense of Nottingham as I remember.  Sorry Nottingham but as I’m sure you know we did the same to Derby when we were in your fine town.  It’s wrong and unfair and the Campervan of Love definitely does not engage in such cheap tactics to gain laughs (well maybe once).   The cheap tactics in this show are different.  They mainly involve strange props, strange songs and even stranger costumes.

“We are really looking forward to coming to share in the love of the city of Derby.   Don’t let us down.   The much-predicted Indian Summer has not yet arrived so we are expecting it when we arrive.   Don’t let us down.

“So just to be clear

“Our wish list is…Interesting van conversations, photos (with us in them), nice weather and most of all your love (even for Nottinghamians and Leicesterons).

“Our commitment to you is… Total.”