63 Islands will be serving up some mouth-watering treats at Festé

Derby Festé is all about colour, sound and taste and we are really looking forward to the delightful 63 Islands who will be serving up some delicious food at this years event on Friday. Emma-Louise talks to us about what they have planned to make our mouth water.

“This will be the first time 63 Islands will be trading at Derby Festé and so we aren’t sure what to expect. However, from watching the videos and viewing the photos it looks to be the event not to be missed.

“I’m mostly looking forward to the creativity on show and what new formats artists use to put their message across, whether it be through dance, paintings or acting.

“We will be serving on the Friday as part of the ‘World of Circus’ and will be showcasing food and drinks from around the world.

“63 Islands cooks street food from the different Caribbean islands. Settlers coming from France, Spain, India, and The Netherlands brought native foods and dishes to the Caribbean giving us a rich diversity of flavours and cuisines. 63 Islands looks to celebrate this diversity with dishes from around the islands and broaden perceptions on what is known as Caribbean food. Our menu will include a meat dish, fish dish and a vegan dish to hopefully cover all bases. Derby Feste seems to be the perfect event for us as our menu generally attracts people who are interesting in trying something new with plenty of flavour and a backstory, similarly to what Derby Feste is about.

“It is great that Derby is hosting such a large cultural event in the city. Coming from Birmingham we have similar events, now that 63 Islands is based in Burton upon Trent it’s good to have a second city in the midlands offering a range of performing arts.

Roll on September!”