Wow I have moved to an exciting vibrant city

Sarah Brigham (Chief Executive & Artistic Director at Derby Theatre and Director of Look Back in Anger and Jinny)Sarah Brigham, Artistic Director and Chief Executive, Derby Theatre, moved to Derby in 2013 and since then has been very mpressed with the exciting vibe that grips the city.

“When I first moved to the city in 2013, I experienced two festivals in my first year which took my breath away – one was Format, the international photography festival held in the city and the other one was Derby Festé.  I’ve lived in many cities across the UK, including Winchester which has the Hat Fair, a huge long-standing outdoor festival, but the scope of what Derby Festé is, and the quality of the work it brings to the city, really made me think “Wow I have moved to an exciting vibrant city”.  Since then my friends and extended family make an annual trip to the Festival because they enjoy the spectacular events, the family-friendly atmosphere and the exciting vibe that grips the city.

“Now that we at Derby Theatre are involved in helping the Festival come to life, I appreciate it even more.  I’m particularly impressed by the team at Déda who do a fantastic job as the artistic lead, the work they select and the way they tie the whole Festival together really does make for a thrilling weekend.  Logistics are organised by QUAD, Déda, Derby LIVE, and ourselves plus key support from other organsations like Baby People and Sinfonia Viva who contribute with programming music stages and offering other support.  All partners involved work incredibly hard and its testament to the strength of the cultural scene in Derby that we can work together to pull this all together and attract such large audiences.

“At Derby Theatre we are all about reaching communities and audiences who might not think that the live arts are for them. We run workshops and performances in schools, community centres and unexpected places so we can inspire new ideas and empower people through creativity, Festé is a natural extension to this mission.  I hope audiences will once again flock to Festé for a fantastic weekend of spectacular activity and I also hope they’ll follow this up with a visit to the venues who make Feste happen year on year.”


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