Transe Express can’t wait to return to Derby Feste with their new show

Derby Feste 2016 HeadlineTranse Express are an arts group who perform in open spaces, provoking their audience with an immersive show. They have visited Derby Feste previously and this year they’re returning with a new show, find out their thoughts on Feste.

“I’m Rémi Allaigre, musician- percussionist -comedian – volunteers’ trainer, artistic director for Mù and co-director of Transe Express.

img_2976-1 We already performed at Derby Festé in 2009 our show Mobile Homme. Stephen Munn got in touch with us, when he heard about our new show and here we are again. There is an important market for street arts in the UK and Derby Festé will give us the chance to have a great visibility and hopefully perform next year at more festivals. The Derby Festé program is always high quality and very diverse, so we are happy to be part of it.

Music, poetic images and prowess provoke a collective reaction generated by individual feelings. Each person creates his own story from a shared moment. That brings people from different backgrounds together.

The show will wow spectators; Mù is a large scale aerial performance with music, images, physicality and poetry in motion. Taking a trip through the table of elements, we will lead viewers on a journey from the earth to the moon, guided by salamander gargoyles.

The show involves a monumental structure that opens like a giant music box in the air. 20 brave volunteers will also become part of the giant spectacular that will see Derby turn into a magical underwater garden.”

What are your biggest inspirations?

“Music and dance and their meaning in all the different cultures through all times. Also architecture and we like to flirt with the architecture of each city.”

 This year marks the tenth year of Derby Feste, what have Transe Express got planned for the future?

“Transe Express celebrated 30 years in 2012, 2015 the company changed the artistic direction, the new directors team is going for the next 30 years with lots of new amazing shows.”

Derby Feste 2016 Headline

What have been your career highlights?

“31 December 2000 in Paris! Transe Express gathered 1000 amateur drummers from all over Europe at the Pompidou center for a special entrance into the new millennium! After 2 years of preparation for this project we made Paris vibrate.”

What are you looking forward to most this year?

“Mù is travelling all around Europe this year for the first time and we are specially looking forward to perform 5 times at the Sziget festival in Budapest.”


See Transe Express at Derby Festé on Saturday 24 September at 8pm on Bass’ Recreation Ground, tickets just £7 each from Derby LIVE.


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