Cirque du Platzak – Kermiz

A few words from one of the performers from circus company Cirque du Platzak, who’s exciting performance called “Kermiz” you can see on Saturday 24 Sept on Cathedral Green at 12pm & 4pm

2016 PRESS PHOTO - Cirque du PLatzak - Kermiz 2015 - (c) Ilvy Maijen(2)

Can you explain a little about yourself?

– I’m a circus artist, I studied in The Netherlands and finished in 2012 as a juggler. We founded Le Cirque du Platzak in 2011 and since that time we are touring mainly in the summer season through Europe. Sor far we have performed in Benelux, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland and Austria. In 2016 it will be our first time in Derby.

How did you originally become involved with Derby Festé?

– Our agency HH Producties got in contact with your festival and this year we’ll perform for the first time our show called “Kermiz”.

What opportunities does Derby Festé and the UK bring to you?

– It gives us the opportunity to travel in the UK and discover a new city, a new audience.

What does Derby Festé and the arts do, that makes it important for you to be part of?

-It’s important for us to perform as much as possible, to get seen by lots of different audiences. It’s helpful for us to perform on well known festivals with an history – like Derby Festé!

Derby Festé drives to bring art and music to everyone who attends, why are the arts important to you?

– On one side arts are our workfield, our “daily bread”, on the other side, I believe that art is very important as an “eye opener”, as something to learn about history and the present. It’s something to enjoy as well!

Your biggest artistic inspirations ?

– Hard question! Personally it can be a lot of different things, my brother when I was little, other shows, theatre pieces, fairytails. For our group it’s similar I guess, everbody put a lot of personal inspiration, there isn’t one artistic inspiration only.

What would you say to someone about your act who’s reading this and not attended a Derby Festé yet or seen your show?

– I’ll give you our official flyer text:

“A guy with a fascination for grasscutters and explosions, a temperamental Italian aerialist fighting with a Spanish acrobat, a trumpet playing slackrope walker and a German popcorn seller waking up from death. Kermiz is a circus performance in which all the peculiarities of each individual get their place, and the power of a collective becomes clearly visible. It is a circus adventure in a childish dream, not a sweet story, rather the dark side of a Grimm fairy tale.”

This year marks the tenth year of Derby Festé, what have you got planned for the future?

– To travel a lot, to share our show with other cultures. And we plan a new creation for 2018!

What have been your career highlights?

– I’m personnally quite proud of being part of raising our own circus company!

What are you looking forward to most this year?

– Well, the season is almost finished, I’ve looked forward to every single festival because they are all different.


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